Road Safety 

Do not expect road traffic to respect zebra crossings.  

Most drivers do not use indicators to warn other road users of a change of direction.  

While traveling in Hammamet is generally safe it's not recommended that girls or women travel alone.   Young women alone can be hassled by local Tunisian men so it's best to travel in pairs or groups or with other men. 

If using the local taxis be sure to negotiate a price in advance and make sure they turn the meter on.   You don't want  to get into an argument at your destination because of a misunderstanding.
Shopkeepers in the Medina will sometimes try to convince you that they work at your hotel, just a ploy to get you into their stores to buy something.   Be wary of anyone you don't know.
And it's not uncommon to get approached on the street and be offered marijuana…just say no and keep on walking.