Krabi, Thailand, is a port town, affording the visitor several options for getting around. Open-air buses, converted trucks, motorcycle "taxis," and river taxis operate regular services to accomodate the traveler. Fares are reasonable and faces are often smiling.

These river taxis are long-tail boats, often tended by sea gypsies, who will "ship" you any of the myriad of islands around Krabi. Many of the long-tail boats are colorful, bright and inviting. Pay a little more and the operator will serve as your tour guide as well.

Motorcycle taxi drivers congregate at public functions and tourist areas such as markets. Though the fare may be inexpensive, the ride may not be worth the risk. Drivers are fast, and accicents on these motorcycle taxis are common throughout Thailand. Enough said, hopefully. Of course, there are also regular, vehicular taxis, the drivers of which will serve as guides for an added fee. The open-air buses and converted trucks run regularly and stop just about anywhere. Flag one down with the wave of your hand.

Traffic conditions in Thailand can be realistically classified as unsafe. Recklessness and consumption of drugs and alcohol cause numerous accidents. Congestion is common, as is failure by the majority to adhere to traffic rules. Roads are paved and there are four-lane roads between many cities.

Perhaps it is  needless to say, after all this, that walking can be risky anywhere, including Krabi. It is highly recommended that pedestrians use extreme caution when crossing streets, and use overhead walkways whenever possible.