Albany is very family friendly, my daughter and I just love it here! We live about 30 minutes north in Lake George, but we like to go here for fun and shopping. We have several great museums worth looking into if you have school age children. 4th grade is all about New York State so be prepared, what better place to start than the capitol of New York State where so much happened? We have the state museum with everthing from a Sept.11th tribute section, to animals of the region, to Native American tribes where the children can see a longhouse all set up, learn how they lived, ate, slept, hunted etc. The Schenectady Planetarium museum is just on the west side of Albany in Schenectady. is a great site for getting info on whats going on at these museums, where they are located, hours and admission by the way. This museum and planetarium is all hands on! The kids can see a planetarium show, learn how to read x-rays, see old household items from years ago such as the radio, tv, refrigerator, old cars, learn about Thomas Edison, or whatever the monthly section is about that month. Very educational and a bit of fun mixed in since they can actually touch things.

We also have a Chuck E Cheese off i-87 exit 6 in Latham Farms shopping mall. They have Walmart too, and other shops but Chuck E cheese is great for all of us! Now every game is only 1 quarter, their food is decent, you can download coupons from their website, they have tunnels with slides for the kids, plenty of games, you can have your picture taken with Chucky, they have some small quarter rides such as a small carousel, big enough for 3 or 4, and little cars that go back and forth (the kind that used to be outside of grocery stores when we were kids). We love Chucky's, but we found one better. Off the Western Ave exit of I-87 Crossgates mall, huge great mall by the way I wrote about it under shopping page, they have Crossgates Commons also with another Walmart but also the best place for kids-

Jeepers! They have an indoor roller coaster for the young ones, planes that go around and up and down, a small train ride, tunnels and big slides, bumper cars and the ride that's like the twirl a whirl but just goes in a cirle not the twirling part, can't rememebr the name sorry.  They have games too, most are only 1 quarter, they have a room where you can see, pet and feed birds, and a hummer looking ride that is an african safari where kids can pretend to take pictures while they drive through the safari. It's a bit expensive for that part, its an additional charge on top of admission. Admission is actually free, if you just want to walk around. For $15.00 you get an all day ride wristband, and $10.00 worth of tokens for games. Games will not take quarters. They have different packages to choose from. If your kids just want to play on the slide and tunnels then there is no charge, if you just want to play games then only get the tokens. Ride bands are cheaper for under 36". They have decent prizes to choose from when you turn in your game tickets at the front desk. I recommend changing in your tickets and asking for a ticket they write on a piece of paper how many tickets you have, so you dont have to hold onto tickets all day, or you can save up for 2 days then turn them in if you are coming back. This place is so much fun we took 15 kids two years ago, rented a very large van and drove the 40 minutes from Lake George to get there for my daughters party, it was worth the trip.

We now have the SS Slater that you can tour, its an old Navy ship. Not far from there is the  Albany Heritage Museum, featuring the U.S.S Albany. Very educational and plenty to see from Gardens to whatever they have going on that week. I would like to recommend you to view the shopping page under Albany overview so you can see all of our mall information, including very large cinemas for rainy days. Enjoy Albany!