A culture that  many visitors to Ubud in Bali is introduced to is ARTS, and there is a good share of art museums in Ubud.

Museums in Ubud, viz.:- Neka Art Museum, Agung Rai, Seniwati Gallery, and Blanco Renaissance,

Below is a background information and relevant information,so that with this background info, you have a better all round knowledge about art and crafts in the island of Bali, particularly in Ubud.

Neka Art Museum - it is THE place for the finest collections of art on the island. its location is about another 1km(1/4 mile) further up the main road. It is named after the founder- Suteja Neka,  besides being a school teacher, is regarded as one of Indonesia's; foremost art connoisseurs. There are nearly over 400 artworks.

The first gallery - classical narrative wayang style paintings, then works with signs to Western art influences - Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet.

There is also a large building devoted to the work of Arie Smit.  Arie Smit is a Dutch born artist who later became an Indonesian citizen and he was the one influential in forming the group known as the Young Artists.

Young Artists depicts different aspects of Balinese life through strong oil colours. Then there is also a special gallery featuring black and white photos taken by an American- Robert Koke, whom also built the first hotel on Kuta Beach.

There is a building to showcase the drawings by I Gusti N. Lempad.

Agung Rai - this is reached by heading south Jalan Hanoman towards Pengosekan village.

ARMA. It was opened by an art dealer- Agung Rai.There are two floors, with the upper floor, dedicating to Indonesia's tradiotional paintings from the 30s, and works by the then Pita Maha artist association. 

The lower floor features again the wayang style works, but in the early 1900s. In ARMA, you will be able to see works by Walter Spies. Paintings of other foreign born artists who had lived and worked in Bali are also on display.

Walter Spies works are highly regarded by the international art community, And if you are lucky whilst in ARMA, you may catch a dance performance and a children's gamelan. Gamelan is very soothing to the soul. Both NEKA and ARMA have their commercial ventures- Neka's in downtown Ubud,a cross from post office (kantor pos) and ARAM, on the main road through Peliatan Village).

Seniwati Gallery - located around the corner from the Lempad house. Situated on Jln. (Jalan) Sriwedari. T

This Gallery is the first gallery, formed by an English woman living in Bali and married to an Indonesian artist. She realised that female artists received almost no recognition in Bali, so Seniwati Gallery came about in 1991. Seniwati means Women Artists. 

Blanco Renaissance Museum-- it is the musuem behind the residence of the self-proclaimed maestro- Antonio Blanco. The museum is adorned with gold painted statues and stained glass windows and of course it houses Antonio's works.

There is one more place- Bamboo Gallery (east of post office on the main road and passing a bridge), there are more high quality art works and adjoining is a handmade clothing boutique.