Short pieces on Denpasar from Business Traveller and the Sydney Morning Herald can be found here .

An excellent pullout city map and some description of Denpasar is provided by Nelles Verlag in Explore the World—Nelles Maps: Special Maps: Ubud and Surroundings, Southern Bali, City Maps—Denpasar, Kuta-Legian .  Covering in detail the entire islands of Bali and Lombok, Verlag hits not just the streets but the surrounding beaches, parks, and attractions to which the traveler will be headed.  This is a must purchase for anyone coming to the city who may be planning daytrips.

Travel outside Denpasar during a sojourn there is actually rather likely given the high level of Western tourism to areas on the island away from the city.  For this reason, there are many more reads to recommend that regard Bali more so than its capital.  Of these guides covering greater geographies, the best would probably be Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok, an almost 400-page work by Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Lisa Steer-Guerard, and Jocelyn Harewood full of advice to area visitors.