The best thing about Thekkady is undoubtedly the Gavi Park. You have to leave Thekkady/ Periyar with a jeep and drive towards Vandiperiyar. A turn to the left and the road goes past the beautiful Periyar river to the forest checkpost that leads finally to Gavi.

If you are an avid birder/ naturalist or nature lover you will love Gavi.  The forests are in excellent shape and spotting Great Hornbills is easy. The landscape is undulating grassland with evergreen forests nestled in the valleys. Excellent guides are available to take you on the work around Gavi lake. You can occasionally see Nilgiri Tahr( SOuth India's only mountain goat) on escarpments.

Being quite non touristy compared to Periyar, Gavi is a must see for all who love nature and wildlife. Food and snacks are pretty simple and well prepared. Well worth it!

For those of you who would like to have  a longer stay and also do some healthy alternative activities besides the hiking and Periyar related activities, there is a great yoga/ ayruveda workshop in Thekkady. Ayurvedic vegetarian and vegan cuisine courses alongwith her yoga and ayurvedic workshops. More information on Ayuryoga Kerala and Herrliches Indien.  Kerstin Einhornhas is writing about her nearly 20 years experience teaching yoga/ ayurveda in Ayurveda and Yoga  in the magazine, "Daheim" in Germany. E-mail: