Bangalore is famous for its watering holes, and always has had multiple options for the traveller that wants to relax.

Some of the popular pubs are:

1) Pecos: 

This is one of the oldest pubs, and is in the MG Road/Brigade Road area. Best known for good beer, with free popcorn.

 It is a popular hangout for young college students, as it is very easy on the pocket and has good music. The slightly grungy feel of the pub only adds to the college-student vibe, and the music is typically classic rock or blues rock.


2)  Opus

Opus is located on Palace cross Road, and has both outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor seating consists of low tables and long cushions on the floor, with dim lighting. 

There are multiple varities of drinks available here, and the prices range widely. The price for a bottle of beer is about Rs. 300 or more.

It is known for having live band nights, "booze and clues" with a quizzing game, and karoake nights (wed). The website has a lot of updated information -

Their food is good, and features a lot of coastal cuisine, aside from the typical continental or finger food.

3) Tavern

Tavern is a very popular pub in Museum Inn, on Museum Road. The atmosphere is like a typical english pub, with a big wooden bar and pub-style seating.

The food features a variety of cuisines - they share a kitchen with a thai and a north indian restaurant. They do have some of the best food to be found in a pub. The prices are a little high, about Rs. 450 for a pitcher of beer, and about the same for a glass of wine.

4) Lock N' Load

This is among the few theme pub in Bangalore.It has cow boys/ texan theme with guns,saddeles hanging around.It's sitting style makes you feel as if you are sitting on Horse.Thay have few resident DJ always there to play you some of your favourite music.

 Their are varieties of Cocktails,Mocktails and  scotche available.The dance floor is beautifully built, being integrated with a mesmerising display of rapidly changing coloured lights.The paintings chosen to adorn the walls of the pub are carefully selected to embrace the cowboy theme; pictures having been drawn in the style of an old time comic book, a few of which show the guns, the hats, and of course the cowboys on horseback.