One has many choices in moving around on your own in Bangalore.

  • The most comfortable is to hire a taxi that you could use for the whole stay.
  • Other options are:radio call taxis,
  • auto rickshaws,
  • and BMTC buses
  • Rent a motorcyle or scooter.

 Some useful information

  • JustDial will come in handy to obtain phone numbers of all kinds of useful utilities. You can call justDial to hail a radio taxi, to find out if a Museum is open, etc. To use JustDial, just call 08069999999
  • Latlong Bangalore is a service that will come in handy while you are on the move. Just send an SMS to 90088 90088 and discover restaurants, pubs, museums, landmarks, ATMs, etc. along with driving directions to reach them.To use this service, text "help" to 9008890088
  • . Its a very simple to use site which allows users to search for the bus routes in Banagalore city. It gives direct as well as indirect routes(with hops)