Daman, to most people, mean liquour. And when asked, most wouldn't know of interesting things to do on your Daman-trip. Parasailing is one of those.

What one commonly calls paragliding, and actually means parasailing or parakitinf or paraschending, is a parashute tied to a jeep that opens with wind when the jeep runs. you can to parasailing at Jampore beach in Daman for Rs 500 a ride. They don't drive you for a long time, just about a minute or so, but it's reasonably good fun. You can do it there on most evenings when the low-tide starts and there's enough space for the jeep to run a long distance on the beach (mostly between 5 & 7 PM). A person goes alone, and kids as young as 3 years can also do it( they are accompanied by the instructor).