Mother Nature's nest                                      

Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal in Indian territory is among the most unspoiled of places on this earth. Dense forests scattered over almost five hundred islands! Lined with pristine beaches and clear waters. Truly the stuff seen in movies .

It has the ability to suit all kinds of budgets. But on far flung islands, don't expect five star comforts. No great tourist infrastructure is in place but maybe that's what has kept this place from degradation. If you are a real nature lover with a zest to travel to see mother nature's best kept secrets, this is the place. The forests are devoid of predators like canines so pretty safe. Watch out for snakes. You need special permission to see some islands but most inhabited islands are free to visit for the tourists. If you travel from Port Blair to North Andamans and reach a place called Diglipur, you will be rewarded with a awesome spectacle. Twin islands seperated by a sand bar (Ross and Smith islands) boast of breath taking beauty. There is a lagoon side and a sea side to the beach, for those who like the waves go to the other side, those who like calmer waters stay on the lagoon side. You feel like Robinson Crusoe!

Middle Andamans has an Island called Baratang which can be reached by travelling from Port Blair along the Andaman trunk road. One can see children of Adam and Eve(the aborgines) called Jarawas on the road. Respect their primitive lifestyle, do not interact with them and keep travelling to middle andamans. In Baratang one can see dense mangrove forests and natural wonders like Limestone caves and Mud Volcanoes.

One can travel to Havelock Island from Port Blair and see the best beach in ASIA called beach no:7. Long expanse of fine white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Accomodation to suit all budgets are available. 

Nearer to Port Blair, you can travel to Jolly Buoy and to Chidiyatapu islands. Jolly Buoy has snorkelling facilities and glass bottomed boats to see marine life. Chidiya tapu has an island with a beach and for those who trek on the island one can see beautiful birds and breath taking sunsets. The negative side is that only one place to stay for overnight halts. It belongs to the Forest department and the rooms have to be booked at Haddo in Port Blair. Even if you cant get a booking one can enjoy a day picnic and return to Port Blair. 

In short Andaman Islands in India is for those who seek to see natural beauty and it is definitely not for those used to luxuries and five star hospitality. Nice friendly locals are ever willing to help you on the islands. Seafood is of high quality and is avaiable at reasonable costs on the islands. Bookings need to be done in advance, during peak season, rooms are hard to get.