The air temperature in the summer is in the mid to upper nineties, while in the winter it cools to the low seventies and high sixties.  The water temperature is as low as sixty-six degrees and as high as eighty-six degrees.  Why mention the water temperature, you ask?  For snorkeling, the water temperature can be very important!

You can go in the summer, but be prepared for uber-hot weather.  Temperatures are more reasonable during the late fall through early spring.

The nice thing about Egypt is you really don’t have to plan for rain: rain doesn’t really ever seem to happen.  You do, however, need to be mindful of dust storms which happen in late spring to early summer.

Be mindful that your trip will be different if you go during the month of Ramadan which was in September/October in 2007 and moves eleven days earlier each year.  As you might think, the country is not nearly as convenient for tourists at this time, as stores, restaurants, and government offices often have drastically reduced hours.