A diety named Dago was enamored with Semo, a beautiful goddess. He presented a wind and cloud mirror to her as a token of his affection. However, a devil foiled his plans and forced Semo to break the mirror into 108 pieces. These pieces morphed into the 108 lakes of the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area .

The immensity of the natural scenery often seems to have inspired a collection of ancient stories about Juiuzhaigou Valley. The Jiuzhaigou is the largest recreation area in Sichuan and is teeming with enchantment. It is a 230 mile spectrum of waterfalls, forests, mountains, glaciers, hot springs and an active Tibetan village.

Shuzen Valley is the area tourists visit most often. It contains 14 km trail of lakes and scenic viewpoints. The high-altitude lakes are pristine bodies of water often suspended at 5,000 ft or higher elevations. Rize Valley and Zechawa are also major destinations with their distinct settings and picturesque surroundings.

Hiking is the main activity that visitors prefer in this scenic park. An overnight trip is almost inevitable at this park. The transit time from Chengdu is approximately 10-12 hour to reach most major attractions.

A Starwood resort is the only facility at the base of the recreation area. It is advisable to prepare for a trip in advance and make arrangements with a tour group or the resort.