Like any good college town, Ann Arbor offers nightlife for the young and young-at-heart.

The most popular place to check out in Ann Arbor is The Ark, a non-profit venue dedicated to supporting the acoustic music community.  The Ark offers a range of performances and events from the folk music genre.  It has the feel of being a big coffee house for students but welcomes in all ages and draws in a diverse crowd.

Comedy is always a good bet for an entertaining evening and it can be found at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase which offers open mic comedy on Wednesdays and performers throughout the weekends.

Beer drinkers can choose from two popular pubs or two popular breweries to drink to their hearts’ content.  Connor O’Neill’s Irish Pub is a traditional Irish drinking spot which is favored among many and is only beat out in popularity by Fraser’s Pub because Fraser’s is rumored to have the most attractive and friendly wait staff.  Grizzly Peak Brewing Company is preferred for its food while Arbor Brewing Company is the place to drink.

For those who like to end their evening with a little bit of sophistication, La Doice Vita offers hand-rolled cigars, fine wines and rare scotches.