Here are the links to the Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the Dubai based international airline Emirates

Expect to pay an extra 20 Dhs when you get into the taxi at the airport.  But if you cross the pedestrian bridge as if going to the long term car park, you can get a taxi 20 Dhs cheaper on the main road (i.e. without extra airport tax)!

The Dubai Airport web site is desperately out of date. There are now NO night buses running from the airport and the Dubai Metro does not start until 6am, so if you arrive on one of the many flights arriving between 10pm and 6am you have little choice but to use a taxi. Typically expect to pay around 80-100 Dhs to the furthest end of town near Ibn Battuta.

You are now allowed to carry on one suitcase onto the Metro, which used not to be allowed.

If you want to check out which buses are available, check out the Wojhati" or Journey Planner site of the RTA. If you put in where you are trying to get to it will offer advice about which buses to take and where to change. Do this before arriving at the airport since information on buses is practically non-existent at the airport itself. Remember you will need to purchase a ticket before entering the bus and you have to look very hard to find a bus ticket (Nol) machine. Nol tickets are valid for Metro and bus so can be bought at Metro stations.

Contrary to what the Dubai Airport website says, only one metro line serves Terminals 1 and 3 (the Green line, when it eventually opens, will go near, but not to, Terminal 2). The purple line which was to have served the airport has been postponed indefinitely.

Also, contrary to what the Dubai Airport website says, you will find great difficulty finding a feeder bus going from T1 to T3, and certainly none going to or from T2. The walk from T1 to T3 is about 15 minutes.