Public transport services in Braşov are quite extensive with about 40 running through the city in a convenient way. Here are some pictures followed by useful information.

Line 4 Livada Postei - Gara Trolley on line 8Line 51 Gara - Centre - Pe TocileLine 31 Valea Cetatii - Centre (Livada Postei) Line 20 Centre (Livada Postei)- Poiana Brasov (ski resort/spa)   


  • Operated by: Regia Autonoma de Transport Brasov -  RAT Brasov (The Public Transportation Company of Brasov). To start with, the RAT Bv services are embedded in Google Maps, hence you may plan your trip by public transport in Brasov and the Metropolitan Area here.
  • Schedule: Weekdays: 5.30 - 23.30/24; Weekends: 6.30 - 22.30/23; At night: no service.
  • Tickets/fares:


Tickets valid for all lines, except line 20: 2 lei/single journey ticket (approx. 0.5E); 4 lei/two journeys ticket (approx. 1E).

Tickets valid for line 20: 4.5 lei/single journey ticket (approx. 1.1E);

Passes: 1 day nominal pass valid for all lines, except line 20: 6 lei (approx. 1.5E); 1 week nominal pass valid for all lines, except line 20: 30 lei (approx. 7.5E); 10 days nominal pass valid for all lines, except line 20: 40 lei (approx. 10E). Please always carry ID when using these passes.

Notes: These are the most important tickets. There are also other types, please check the link at the bottom of the page. Tickets must be punched when getting on the bus. Passes must always be accompanied by valid ID, since they are nominal. You must buy the ticket before and validate it on board. Travelling without tickets/passes, or with the wrong tickets/passes, is liable for paying a fine between 100-200 lei (20-40E).
  • Ticket sales: There are special kiosks with the sign Bilete si abonamente transport public (Public transport tickets) which are also accompanied by the sign RAT. However they are not present in all bus stops and their opening hours might be different. Tickets are no longer sold by minimarkets or newspaper vendors. The most important ticket vending kiosk is in the Gara (Train Station) bus stop, which is open from 5.00-24.00. The most important stops (e.g. Railway Station, Livada Postei) have a ticket vending machine, which displays information in foreign languages, too. These machines operate with bills as high as 10 lei value. The vending machines do give change. 
  • The most convenient and useful routes for tourists are:
  •  Route 4: Gara (Train Station) to the Centre (Livada Postei);
  •  Route 51 : Gara (Train Station) to the Centre (Piata Sfatului - The Council Square) - it stops 1 minute away from the Black Church. This line also takes you to the Union Square (Piata Unirii) another important site to be seen.
  •  Route 50: Centre (Livada Postei) to Union Square (Piata Unirii), circle line, anticlock wise. It is nice to take it as a tour line of the citadel and some of its surroundings. Please note that it can be crowded.
  •  Route 50B: Centre (Livada Postei) to Pietrele lui Solomon, through the picturesque Schei District.
  •  Route 31: Centre (Livada Postei) to Valea Cetatii district. This here is a residential area, but it is woth visiting for its nature surroundings.
  •  Route 17: Centre (Livada Postei) to Noua area where you find the Brasov Zoo Park (under revamp), the Adventure Park (Parc Aventura) for fun and exciting actvities, Smile Acqua Park (RO) for water fun & relaxation, Natura Parc for great outdoor activities and the newly revamped lake Noua area.

For those whose accommodations are located on Str. Lunga or Str. De Mijloc, a handful of lines are available to get to the Centre:

  • Routes 5 and 28 take you from all stops on Str. Lunga to the Centre (Livada Postei) and back. To go to Str. De Mijloc, you stop on Str. Lunga and then walk 5-6 min. to Str. De Mijloc.

For those who want to travel to Bran, Moeciu, Rasnov and other directions, by bus, you can take them from either Autogara 2 (Bus Station 2) or Bartolomeu Bus Station, there are lines that take you from the train station/centre to these particular places.

  • Routes 23 and 23B: Train Station (Gara) - Bartolomeu Bus Station via Stad. Tineretului (Autogara 2) and Bartolomeu area.
  • Route 16: Autogara 2 - Centre (Livada Postei)
  • Route 12: Centre (Livada Postei) - Stadionul Tineretului (Autogara 2).
  • Route 5: from the Primarie bus stop (City Hall - 4 min walk from the Livada Postei bus station through the Park) - Bartolomeu Bus station via Str Lunga and Bartolomeu.

For an exciting tour of the City, a new open double-deck bus has been introduced (May 15th, 2008). One ticket costs 5 lei, here (RO) you can find details about it.

For those who want to reach the beautiful and fancy Poiana Brasov ski resort/spa:

  • Route 20: Centre (Livada Postei) - Poiana Brasov. Please mention when you buy the ticket that you want tickets for line 20! The clerks will give you the appropriate ticket (please read the ticket part of this post).
  • Busses/trolleys/shuttles : They are fairly new, as RAT is undergoing a major renewal program and the overwhelming majority of (long) buses/trolleys/shuttles are in very good shape. Last February a fleet of 15 new low-floor buses were purchased. They also benefit from a modern passenger information system.

  • Signaling: All the stops have the timetables of the lines stopping there, posted.
  • URL: For more information about the lines and their timetables, as well as a detailed map of the public transport in Brasov, please check the website (in Romanian). Please note that changes might apply, so check the website for updated information. Some more timetable links: (only in Romanian; the search field "Cauta STATIE sau LINIE" means "Search for the STOP name or LINE number") and (only in Romanian; search by stop name in the "Statia" field or choose the line number from the drop-down list "Filtreaza statiile unei rute").
  • Dictionary: Gara = Train station; Bilet = Ticket (plural: bilete); Autogara = bus station for county and national routes; Statie = urban bus station
  • Information based on tourist attraction - important routes and stops, according to their position to the main attractions (under construction):
  • Brasov Trian station (Gara Brasov): 4, 51, 23, 23B;
  •  Centre - Livada Postei Bus station: 4, 12, 16, 20, 50, 50B;
  •  Centre - Titulescu Central Park/City Hall (Primarie): 4, 5, 12, 16, 31, 50, 50B, 51.
  •  Centre - City Hall Square (Piata Sfatului)/Black Church/Ecaterina's Gate: 50, 50B, 51 at stop: "Biserica Neagra/Maternitate";
  •   Union Square (Piata Unirii) - Schei District: 50, 50B, 51;
  •   Solomon Rocks (Pietrele lui Solomon)/Schei District - middle: 50B;
  •   Bus station 1 (Autogara 1) - for rides outside city: 4, 51, 23, 23B nearby Gara Brasov stop;
  •   Bus station 2 (Autogara 2) - for rides outside city: 12, 16, 23, 23B;
  •   Bartolomeu Bus station (Autogara Bartolomeu) - for services outside the city: 5, 16, 23, 23B;
  •   Noua district - for all exiciting activities attractions: 17, 35. 

For Live departures from RAT Brasov bus stops,  click the link . It is a friendly, easy to use and under constant updating with useful, fresh information online app. Select your language, either RO or EN, from the Menu. It is suitable and easy to use on the mobile phone as well. Enjoy yout trip!