There are several options for getting around Lviv. Some are significantly more pleasant than others, but all will get you from point A to point B in some manner.

First, walking is a great way to get around this city. As long as you watch the street carefully when you cross, Lviv is a fairly pedestrian-friendly city and getting around here by foot is a pleasant way to take in all the lovely architecture and interesting local people.

If you prefer mass transportation, buses are popular here, but not the most comfortable. First it should be noted that buses are timely, and inexpensive, but often extremely uncomfortable (in many seats have been removed so more people can fit in the buses). They are dirty and many visitors report, just unpleasant. But it is a way to get from one destination to another. Be sure to have money ready when you get on the bus and if you can’t find a schedule, ask at your hotel. You need to purchase a ticket and validate the ticket after boarding the bus. There are little machines on the bus which you use to manually punch your ticket. A ticket inspector may board the bus at any point on the route and ask to check your ticket. These inspectors do not always wear uniforms but carry an identify badge which should be on display. If you have boarded the bus with large baggage you may need to purchase a ticket for your baggage also. If you do not purchase a ticket for your baggage it can sometimes lead to awkward or embarrasing situations with other travellers or the ticket inspector.

Taxis are another popular way of getting around Lviv. This can be a good option, but be sure to agree on a price before you even get in the car. Sometimes you will be left alone for a bit in the car while the driver finds others going in the same direction. Be sure to understand how far you’re going and agree to a fair price. If you just get in the taxi and give a destination, or ask how much the ride will be, it will likely be considerably more than it should be. The best way is to call taxi serivce in advance? tell them the starting point and the destination and the operator will tell you the exact amount you will have to pay. You can also ask for an english speaking driver.

 If you travel a lot in and around Lviv hirig a car or a minibus with a driver is a good idea. Fares vary from 50UAH per hour inside the city. It is surely cheaper than taxis and more convenient than route buses. You can rent a car with an english speaking driver on various sites like