There are 2 other kinds of phone numbers to call emergencies. The difference is from what telephone you call - cellular or land line.

In emergency, please, contact the nearest Consular Office or the Embassy of your country or Russian authorities.

Free from all land line phones: 

  • In case of dire need a Firemen - call "01" - "Podzarnyie"
  • Police - call "02" - "Polizia" 
  • Ambulance - call "03" - "Skorayha Pomosch"
  • In case of Gassing - call "04" - "Sludzba Gaza"

From the last year, all emergency calls might be addressed to "01". "01" became similar to "911".  Exception - Moscow. There is real "911" emergency phone number here. Made special for foreigners.

From cellulars to call emergency is free too.

Numbers are the same, but in other cellular companies may differ. For example: "02" -> "020" or "02" -> "002". Check it, ask your friends, when arrive here.

Universal emergency number (from cellulars) - "112".