International direct dialing service is available throughout Romania. Public telephones, altrough their number is countinously decreasing can still be found in train stations or in the city centres. Take note that they require the use of a calling/ telephone card. 

Another solution if your mobile doesn't work in Romania could be buying one from there. It is very easy to buy a mobile in Romania.

Dialing within Romania:
0 + three digit area code + six digit telephone #
when dialing anywhere in the countryside or
0 + 21 + seven digit telephone #
when dialing a number in Bucharest.
Three digit telephone numbers are local toll-free numbers for emergencies or businesses.

International dialing from Romania:
00 + country code + area code + telephone #

Dialing from a foreign country directly to Bucharest:
International Access Code +40 (country code) + 21 + seven digit telephone #

Dialing from a foreign country directly to any other city in Romania:
International Access Code + 40 (country code) + three digit area code + six digit phone #

Romania offers advanced services like Internet messaging via mobile telephone, Internet paging, and international roaming. There are also retail outlets and cafes that offer Internet access in nearly every city and town. Hotels offer connectivity for guests to access the web in their rooms. Wifi hotstops can be found in restaurants, hotels, bars etc. and althrough there is no up-to-date official list, this website tries to keep track of them as it is regularly updated by internet users.

Cyber-cafes or hotels/pensions with internet access are a lot harder to find outside the big cities or the more touristic ones (e.g. BucharestBrasovConstantaSibiuCluj-Napoca )