The main ingredients used by Romanian chefs are meats such as pork, beef and lamb, fish, vegetables, dairy products and fruit. A traditional Romanian meal may include:
All kinds of cheeses, cold cuts and vegetable spreads.  Also Romanian salad which is finely chopped potatoes, carrots, parsnips mixed with chopped chicken breast, boiled eggs and gherkins bound together with mayonnaise and a touch of mustard.  This is formed into a round on a plate and smoothed over with mayonnaise and decorated.
"Ciorba de perisoare" (meatball soup), "ciorba taraneasca" (vegetable soup, with or withour meat), "ciorba de burta" (tripe soup).
Fish Hot soup
"Saramura" (grilled carp in brine), "nisetru la gratar" (grilled Black Sea sturgeon) or "scrumbie la gratar" (grilled herring).
"Tocanita" or "tochitura" (meat stew seasoned with onions and/ or spices), "ghiveci" (over 20 vegetables cooked in oil), "sarmale" (pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with a mix of minced meats, rice and spices) and "mititei" (The "Wee Ones" — small skinless grilled sausages) are among the favorites.
Romanians produce great pickled vegetables, called "muraturi" (red peppers, green tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage, cauliflower).  Mici (pronounced 'meech' ) is a popular nibble at bars or made at home in the grill or BBQ.  Its a mixture of pork, lamb and beef mince with herbs and formed into sausage shapes and cooked.  Great with mustard.  Romania has a massive variety of different mustards 'mustar' (mooshtar) one of the best with 'hrean' which is horseradish.
"Papanasi" (cottage cheese donuts, topped with sour cream and fruit preserve), "clatite cu branza" (crepes filled with cottage cheese, raisins and spices) and "cozonac" (traditional holiday sweet bread filled with walnuts, poppy seeds or cream cheese).

A traditional drink enjoyed with appetizers is "tuica" (a potent plum brandy) which varies in strength, dryness and bouquet according to the production area. Also 'visinata' which is made from the local home brewed whisky palinka soaked with visine which are a fruit similar to cherries.

Romania produces excellent wines, some of which are exported all over the world. Romanian beers are excellent as well.