Buenos Aires is generally a fairly safe city but there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 30% of the population in Argentina lives below the poverty line. Since the economy collapsed in Argentina in 2001 street crime has increased significantly. Tourists are a natural target. The best advice is to ensure that you do not wear any expensive jewelry at any time. Do not walk around with your passports or large amounts of cash. Do not keep all of your ID, VISA cards, debit cards etc in one place - if you do get robbed - you need to have a back up. If your hotel or rented apartment have a safe - take complete advantage of it! Most robberies take place in broad daylight - with more than one person involved. Some of the tricks used are to drop something in front of you (to distract you) or to spray something on your back that resembles bird droppings. Another person will then approach you to tell you that you have been a "bird" target and while you are distracted trying to clean up - they will grab whatever they can.

The police do not seem overly concerned about it (and in fact are quite cavalier about it). Argentinians  feel very bad and are frustrated that the government and police agencies are not doing more about it as 7.4 % of the Argentine GDP comes from tourism and they cannot afford to lose business because of safety issues.You should also be careful when you are on a bus or train, to keep your belongings close or on your lap, or they will get and rob it. And this could happen anywhere (like china, florida, brasil, U.S.A., japan, etc.) so be careful!be carefull because this crime can happen ANYWHERE! not just Argentina.