There are several places where tourist can file a report if a company doesn’t fulfill the terms of a commercial transaction: a)Dirección General de Defensa y Protección al Consumidor del Gobierno de la Ciudad" (Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires). b)Toll free tourist assistance line ( this is a service of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires) c)Centros de Gestión comunales (CGPC – Community Management Centres, of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires). d)Dirección Nacional de Gestión de Calidad Turísitica, from the Secretaria de Turismo de la Nacion When a company doesn't fulfill the terms of a commercial transaction, for example when a bought product lacks of normal conditions for its use because of a failure, or a service is not provided according to the contract, the purchaser can file a complaint before the "Dirección General de Defensa y Protección al Consumidor del Gobierno de la Ciudad" (Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires). The complaint must be filed personally by the holder of the transaction at Esmeralda 340 from Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 4.30 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. Besides, such complaints can be filed in “Centros de Gestión comunales” (CGPC – Community Management Centres). Legal requirements to file a complaint: Having acquired a product or service within the City of Buenos Aires. The complaint must be a final consumer. Required Documentation to file the complaint: A note telling the facts. -A recipe of the transaction: recipe, ticket, contract (original). Passport number The complainant must submit original documents (1 - 2 - 3) together with a set of photocopies for the Consumer Protection Bureau and one set for each company involved. Originals must be kept by the consumer. Having the complaint filed, the consumer together with the Authority of Application (the Consumer Protection Bureau) shall choose the date and hour for the conciliation audience in which both parties are met in order to reach an agreement. If you stay in the city for a short period, you may empower a person to follow the process of the complaint. In cases the authority considers appropriate, he may request the company to end its conduct in an immediate way. Besides, telephonic mediations can be made in order to solve problems in a shorter period. In both cases, required documentation is essential. If both parties of the complaint reach an agreement, a joint instrument with specific details must be signed by them. Both parties are bound to fulfil such agreement. In case of not reaching an agreement, the instance of conciliation ends and the file is sent to the “Dirección Judicial” (Legal Department) in order to decide if there has been an infringement. In this instance, consumere is not considered as a party of the complaint, and the Authority of Application acts as a governmental bureau. The company in question may be imposed to pay a fine. The minimum amount fixed for an infringement is $ 500 (five hundred pesos), and the maximum amount is $500.000. (five hundred thousands pesos). On the other hand, the Consumer Protection Bureau has celebrated an agreement together with the Faculty of Law Studies at UBA (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires - National University of Buenos Aires) for free legal advice. Number are delivered from 9 AM. Advice’s hours are from 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays and Thursdays at Esmeralda 340 - Ground Floor. Important note All complaints about privatized public services must be submitted in first instance before the company involved through a written letter. If the company does not agree with the claim, the user shall submit his complaint before the control body over the privatised service in question. TOLL-FREE TOURIST ASSISTANCE LINE 0800 999 2838 Call from any public telephone tooth. You can call to make a complaint about: - Commercial abuse cases. - Thefts, offences, petty steal, losses, whereabouts and failed meetings. - Breach of services transactions. In theses cases, Tourism Police Station, Tourism Ombudsman and the Bureau of Consumer Protection are involved to work. Toll – Free Tourism Assistance Line, every day from 9 AM. to 8 PM. You will get assistance from people speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French. There is a also special area ( Dirección Nacional de Gestión de Calidad Turísitica) that receives complaints. Tourists can write to to contact the Secretaria de Turismo. Indeed, tourists can always let them know what their traveling experiences are— either positive or not. If experiences are negative, tourists can submit a claim, Secretaria de Turismo answers them to let them know what steps are to be followed and refer them to the appropriate agency according to the case or send a copy of the complaint to the appropriate agency, so that the agency can take the case. Ever since the e-mail was first used, a circuit was developed so that tourism provincial agencies and a number of other organizations involved appointed a person to be in charge of filing complaints and acting upon them. As part of said circuit, the following are worth mentioning: the C.N.R.T. –in its capacity as auditing body of ground transportation-, the Commercial Airline Secretariat -for complaints regarding airline noncompliance-, the Tourist Headquarters -resulting from the link between Homeland Security Secretariat, that reports to the Department of Justice and Security, and the Secretariat of Tourism, amongst other agencies. This shows how important is to make business with a licensed hotel or travel agency: should a problem arise, you can make an official complaint and get a result from that. Filing a complaint will help us to improve our services and to report unethical people & companies. Safe travels to all!