A typical phone number in Singapore will look like this:6555-5555 or if it is a cell phone, it will be 9555-5555 or 8555-555. In Singapore there are many public phones around that accept local phone cards, cash or major credit cards. Instructions are in English and you can easily purchase phone cards that can be used to call around the world from grocery stores, minimarts (eg. 7 eleven) and gas station. You can also purchase them in the local post office. The public phones have instructions on how to dial overseas and the country code and area code.

Please also visit the website for Singapore’s phone company ( Singtel) where it provides you with more information including roaming and internet access.

001 ( zero zero one ) is the International Access Code used to dial an overseas number from 'within' Singapore. 

65 ( six five ) is the International Telephone Country Code for Singapore.