Singapore Weather

As a country near the Equator, Singapore does not have four seasons and in popular culture is known to have two - Wet and Dry. The Dry 'season' usually last from March to August, while the Wet 'season' lasts from September to February. However, there is not fixed weather in Singapore.  In fact, in recent years certain storms, although rare, have flooded popular tourist attractions like Orchard Road.  So do bring a raincoat or an umbrella if you visit during the rainy season. Even with the wet and dry weather patterns, there is some degree of predictability. The rain tends to be in the mid-to-late afternoon, usually sunny mornings turn into wet afternoons or vice versa. Therefore it is advised that you bring along your umbrella at all times, either to protect yourself from the rain or shade yourself from the blazing Sun.


Additional Weather notes: 

Some other notes on the weather - water spouts have been sighted in the Singapore harbour and moonsoons do cover Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore from time to time. The latest monsoon was in January 2011, in which the rain lasted for three days. Should you have respiratory problems please keep in touch with local weather services for neighbour Indonesia's haze usually covers Singapore when deforestation occurs.


What to do when it rains? 

So, if its raining, what do you do? There are actually a lot of indoor tourist attractions such as the Singapore Science Centre, Orchard Road shopping malls, the new Marina Bay Sands shopping mall and even Chinatown provides some shade. Also there are several museums to enjoy if it is raining, like The Asian Civilisations Museum, The National Museum or The Peranakan Museum. The only places not advised to go should there be rain include: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Botanical Gardens and National Orchid Garden. Things could get pretty wet down in these places...and very troublesome, too.


Weather forecast by the National Environment Agency of Singapore:

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