Singaporeans are a mix of Chinese (majority), Malay (the original settlers of the island), Indian and others (jewish, caucasians, etc) Each has contributed their culture to the unique way of life in Singapore. You will find a Malay Village, Little India and Chinatown but Singaporeans of all ethnicity lives in these areas and all over the island. The same goes for schools and other public services. There is no racial tension, churches may appear right next to a mosque or temple and it is perfectly acceptable. Singaporeans are encourage to identify themselves as Singaporeans, not by their ethnicity. It is very common for locals to have friends from all races and even speak some of their languages. This give rise to Singlish - a mix of English with local languages of Malay or Chinese or Hindi.

Being islanders, Singaporeans are very friendly and hospitable. They are also proud of their country and is eager to show the world what a great place it is.