Climate - "It is a place where the sun shines through the rain."

Singapore's climate is warm and humid, with slight variations between the average maximum of 31 degrees Celcius and minimum of 23 degrees Celcius. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy basking in the sun. But for those who do not enjoy the tropical climate, escape the heat with air-conditioning, found in almost all the shops, shopping centres, hotels, office buildings and restaurants.

Rain falls throughout the year, with more consistent rain coming during the monsoon season from November to January. Showers are usually sudden and heavy, but also brief and refreshing.

What to pack
Singapore has a warm and humid climate throughout the year, thus light and summer clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton is best for everyday wear. Casual dress is acceptable for most situations and occasions but some establishments may require a more formal dress code. It is always advisable to check beforehand on dress regulations, if any.

Singapore has the best of international cuisine - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and even French food stalls throng the streets of Singapore. It is no wonder, then, that Singapore is known to many as a food haven, with eating as the national pastime. The mix of people and races here mean that vegetarian and Halal food is readily available. The wide variety of eating places in Singapore also mean that there's a meal to suit every budget; enjoy a quiet, romantic dinner at one of the many classy restaurants, or have a good time sampling the authentic local delights at your nearest hawker centre.

For those who are not driving into Singapore, getting from Point A to Point B is not just easy but also economical. An efficient public transportation network offers taxis, buses and the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) rail systems. The public transport lines cover the whole of Singapore (Only taxis currently cover the whole of Singapore), intersecting at many points to make transfers easier for the passengers. That way, you get to your destination in the quickest time possible. Information about how to travel around is also easily within reach.

Travellers across the world are understandably more concerned about personal safety and security issues today than ever before. Please be assured that the situation in Singapore remains calm and stable.

The Singapore Government has and will continue to be vigilant in ensuring that Singapore remains safe. It has stepped up security measures at key installations and other sensitive places. The Government has also made it known that extremism originating from religion or race has no place in Singapore and it will not hesitate to take action against any extremist or terrorist groups or individuals.

In addition, Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates around the world.

Singapore Medicine
Singapore's medical facilities are among the finest in the world, combining leading edge technology with a well-qualified team of health care professionals. Medical facilities are also easily within reach whether you are in the city or not. There is some medication that you cannot just buy over the counter, and this includes painkillers such as Nurofen. If you know you  need to buy medication of any kind, take your passport with you just in case it turns out to be one of the medications that you need ID for.