Ever wonder what is a hawker center or why is everyone going to a food court for food ? A very good introduction can be found at : http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/09/gu... It informs a visitor about what to expect and recommend a few dishes to try and where to go. When in SIN, dont ever miss a chance to try the food, it is really out of this world.

Most stalls will not supply napkins to use after your meal, so have a small packet of tissues/napkins on you. They are cheap enough to buy in bulk at the local 7/11 or Cold Storage supermarket. 

Also you should ensure that you are sitting in the "correct place" for the food you are going to eat. If you have bought something from the "chinese side" and there is pork on your plate, do not take it into the "muslim" side of the food court. This will be frowned upon.