Welcome to the Singapore forum on Tripadvisor.  Our forum page is a place to ask questions but the page also has many other resources to help you plan your trip.

Tripadvisor is a great Do-it-Yourself Travel Research website with many forums. As well as forums like ours there are Beyond Destination forums on many travel-related topics. Here is the forums homepage -


Singapore is a wonderful destination and the official Tourism Board website is a great place to start your research - 


Here is the main Sentosa Island tourism page -




1.) Before you post:

GOOGLE IT FIRST.  Basic questions like the entry cost to an attraction, their opening times, or general information on what the attraction is and how to get there can easily be found by doing a Google search and looking on their official website.  

DO YOUR OWN FORUM SEARCH FIRST. Odds are that someone else has already asked the same or similar question here. So before posting a new question, it’s a good idea to do a basic search using the search box just above the forum questions.  Coming on the forum and asking the voluneers to plan your itinerary may not get many responses because we do not know you, or what you like to see and do.  Many other Tripadvisor members have come on the forum and displayed their own itinerary in forum postings. They may be helpful to you to see how to plan, what to choose and what is good to see and do.  Use the search box above the forum questions, and type in a phrase such as 7 night Intinerary, or Itinerary Family, or Solo traveller Itinerary or something relevant to you and see what comes up in the search results.

If you have exhausted your search options and you can’t find what you’re looking for, then it’s time to make your post. 

2.) When you post:

Help us help you. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE WHEN ASKING YOUR QUESTION. This will help volunteer forum contributors here offer their most precise thoughts and suggestions. For instance, tell us your budget in Sgd$ per room per night and give us an idea of what kind of place or style accommodation you prefer. If you just say "I want a nice hotel" it is hard for forum contributors to read your mind.

3.) Who is on our forum:

Everyone is a VOLUNTEER and TripAdvisor member just like you. People answering on the forums are not paid Travel Agents, so can't plan out your itinerary or arrange your trip.  Anyone can participate on a forum, so you will get lots of different replies from people trying to help.  The forum DESTINATION EXPERTS are not paid, or Tripadvisor Staff.  They are just travellers with a love of Singapore and many of them post replies regularly when they have the free time.



The forum Destination Experts have linked lots of useful forum topics, frequently asked questions and Traveller Articles into this section to help you plan your trip.  You can see Top Questions near the top right side of the forum page if you are on a PC, Laptop or IPad/Tablet computer.  They are not visible if using a smartphone.  

2.) BROWSE "THINGS TO DO". The link to "Things to Do" can be found within the green banner across the top of our forum page. There you will find every attraction reviewed by recent visitors. There are photos too.  The menu down the left allows you to narrow down categories according to your interests.

3.) TRAVEL GUIDES.  These guides are written by other Tripadvisor Members who have visited Singapore.  Click on the "More" tab within the green banner across the top of our forum page and choose Travel Guides.

4.)  TRIP REPORTS.  These are written by visitors who have returned from their trip to Singapore and write of their experience and posted it on our forum.  Maybe when you get back home you can write one too.  They are a wonderful way to help other Tripadvisor members plan their own upcoming trips -


Here is our main Singapore forum page for you to explore the resources mentioned above and to ask questions -




We hope you enjoy planning your visit to Singapore.