There's a lot to do at night in Hong Kong and here are a few things you should not miss from when the sun goes down to when the sun comes up.

Similar to Europe, Hong Kong's night life doesn't get rockn' until 11pm. Every weekday has a theme:  "Models night", "Ladies night", etc. Basically, in Hong Kong it's party 24/7.  Monday night has as much of a crowd out as any other night.  Granted Wednesday on, the scene does pick up a lot.  

 So, before 11pm there're lots of watering holes and dinner venues that suit everyone's style, budget and purpose:  SOHO (upscale and pricier due to location), Sheung Wan (mid to upscale and trendy) are areas that's walking distance back to the party zone of Lan Kwai Fang.  SOHO has lots of small restaurants with every cuisine imaginable.  There's also the longest escalator:  What you do is you start eating and drinking at every escalator junction.  Tiny cool restaurants are underneath the escalator all the way up to the Midlevels.  When you are done, you just get off the escalator and whistle for a cab.

 Now, if it's Wednesday night.  Why not go to the race tracks?

Happy Valley Races - the HK Jockey Club has higher annual revenues than the HK income tax department.It's every Wednesday night (From October to May) and you can get a cheap beer and watch people throw their money away on a horse named One Eyed Jack.. (take the MTR to Causeway Bay and walk from there OR ride the tram for HKD$2.75 and enjoy the scenary as you go by and lose weight as the tram has no aircon in the summer and no heat during winter).

Lan Kwai Fong ("LKF")  - the Bourbon Street of Hong Kong is walking distance from Central Station and has pretty much every type of bar you can imagine; head upstairs to Finds for a more relaxed/hip environment and a killer menu of martinis or hit the street level for the down and dirty; jello shots at Al's Diner, cover bands at Insomnia, vodka freezer rooms, bad peanuts, worse karaoke and much much more.

Just walk to D'Aguilar street, shoulder your way through the crowds and head up to Wyndham Street.  If you need landmarks, ask for the Lan Kwai Fong hotel in Lan Kwai Fong.  Inside each floor of that building are bars, restaurants and debaucheries.  The hotel also has a bar scene and night club on the top.  

Across from LKF is Dragon-I, next door is Taz.  Both are free if you know the secret handshake (they let girls in for free,..usually - so ladies dress to impress).  Cover charges range from 100-300 HKD depends on how awesome you are.  Gate keepers are chicks, so...Drinks are pricey, crowd is uber trendy.  There's a zillion other clubs.

Hong Kong is a vertical city, so don't just flat foot on the ground level, keep looking up because some of the way fun bars are upstairs and even in the basement level. 


Red - take a taxi, (take the MTR it drops below IFC 2 (there's a 1 and a 2) and it doesn't matter because you just hit the roof and go from 1 end to the other are bars with open air seating) to the IFC mall and go to level 3 and follow the map to the Pure Gym. Once you get there head upstairs, walk quickly past the fitness freaks to the outdoor podium and have a drink outside; it's a bit of a hipster crowd but on a nice its of the best places on a Friday afternoon to 8pm, place deads out afterwards.  It's the work crowd that goes and some ladies coming to meet their beaus or others.

The Feather Boa - this is an expat hangout, primarily Brits, Aussies and a lost Kiwi.  It was closed, reopened, moved and reopened.  Once an antique store it is an alternative to the same crowd that goes to the private Foreign Correspondence Club (one of the many social members only clubs in HK) serving their specialty drinks.  Try an espresso martini.  There's the more egalitarian and hidden strong French crowd at Le Boudoir, if you walk fast you'll miss the entrance (look for 2 big guys standing at the entrance as you go in it snakes down the labyrinth.  Both are pretty comparable if you like the expat crowd.  There's also French crowd Kee Club (get the concierge to get you admission).  If you go to a foreign place, why hang out with the same people you just left at home, but maybe some are homesick?  

Want more local uber trendy, go to Prive, DI or Taz.  Local underage young Beijing Club.

Take a taxi or just walk along Wyndham to Hollywood Rd at the escalator, walk up the hill alongside the escalator, take a right on Staunton Street and it's the unmarked wooden double doors on the left (#38?). Go before 10pm!  After that just wander Soho....Elgin Street and Staunton Street have some fantastic places.  This area is before the 11pm zone.

 As it gets toward 3:30am and you're still going, cab over to Wan Chai:  Crowd changes, it's the working girl zone.  Not uncommon to see a 20 year old hug a man that could be gramps there.  Dusk to Dawn is one.

Live bands playing cover:  classic seedy The Wanch - rock (Wanchai).  Dada (central).

Aqua Spirt  - if you are in TST at night, find your way to Peking Road, go into #1 and go to the 29th floor. The view from the bar on the top of Aqua is worth the 15 dollar cocktail.

Knutsford Terrace - Again in TST, getting out of  MTR TST use exit B1 onto Nathan Road and onto Kimberly Street, walk down the road a bit till you see on your left hand the sign for Knutsford Terrace. It has some amazing bars and restaurants, outdoor seating optional. Try Black Stump Australian Grill and Bar and some other amazing offerings.