CNN Ranks the Hong Kong Skyline #1

In its 2010 online publication of the worlds best 20 skylines, Hong Kong topped New York City as having the best skyline in the world, CNN saying that Hong Kong makes the picture-perfect two-dimensional skyline both during the day and night.  With iconic buildings set before the majestic Victoria Peak in the background, Hong Kong barely topped its only true rival, New York City and the Manhattan Skyline.  

Hong Kong vs. New York City 

In terms of skylines, Hong Kong Island is in elite company with New York City.  Which is truly the best is open to debate, both easily being able to make the claim.  Like NYC, visitors to Hong Kong have a difficult time not seeing the Skyline as it permiates and dominates much of the highly concentrated areas, regularly visited in lower Kowloon in the district known as Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and across Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island.  You can't help but have many opportunities to admire the views.

Where to view the Hong Kong Skyline

Views from Kowloon

There are many places to view Hong Kong's lovely skyline. The most popular place is the TST Promenade and Avenue of Stars, looking over Victoria Harbour directly at the Hong Kong Island skyline. This image is beautiful in the morning and when the sun is at your back, allowing you to see the skyline with a blue sky behind Victoria Peak. However, the very best time to see the fantastic Hong Kong skyline is at night when the buildings are lit up and reflecting off of the harbour.

From Kowloon, you can also enjoy excellent views of the Hong Kong Skyline from several bars on high floors; such as the popular Aqua Bar (30/f of Peking One Road) or the new and incredibly high Sky 100 and Ozone Bar (118th/f) at the International Commerce Center (ICC). Other popular Kowloon based viewing areas include Felix Bar at the famous Peninsula Hotel as well as the lobby and restaurants at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Views from ferries crossing Victoria Harbour

You can also enjoy the skyline by taking the famous Star Ferry, Aqua Luna or other ferry ship across the lovely Victoria Harbour. This is also a very popular way to view the skyline as you can have a look at both sides of the harbour.

Views from Hong Kong Island

From Hong Kong Island views of the Kowloon skyline are quite nice from the Star Ferry piers, the IFC building and shopping mall in Central and from various points in Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay where you can grab a view of the harbour.

Views from Victoria Peak

However the best views from the HK Island side come from visiting the world famous Victoria Peak with its glamorous views of HK Island skyscrapers, Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Skyline. Like views from the TST Promenade, this classic postcard image is good in the morning, evening and when the sun is at your back. But the best view is in the evening when you can see the endless skyscrapers against the darkness of night.

Limitations of viewing the Hong Kong Skyline

Poor Air Quality

The major limitation to the Hong Kong Skyline is the poor air quality often occurs in Hong Kong, compared to the many beautiful days you might have in New York City.  Hong Kong routinely has long stretches of poor visibility so it is possible to visit for entire week and not get a single day with very good visibility.

The Need To Plan Ahead

Knowing this, visitors can plan better for their HK trip, being flexible with their schedules and ready to spend time on and near the harbour when they have days with clear skies. This is the best way to ensure that time is allowed for admiring one of the two best skylines in the world.