Don't miss:
The Great Wall, in particular the wild section; The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square; Lama Temple; hutong around Nanlouguxiang; 798 Art Zone.

Wanfujing; Beijing Opera; your favourite Chinese dishes from home; Temple of Heaven; Silk Market, Pearl Market; Ming Tombs; Temple of Earth; National Art Museum.

Clearly set prices for rickshaws and pedi-cabs; make sure taxis use their meters; don't take trips to the wall that include shopping or side destinations; avoid students wanting to take you to a tea house or to see an art exhibition.

Things to see and do:
Slurp yogurt in a clay pot with a paper lid; sip tea at the Stone Boat in Ritan Park; eat street food; eat hot pot at a restaurant along Guijie St, a street covered in red lanterns with great eateries; experience a foot massage and/or cupping; rent a bike and get lost in Beijing's alleyways.