The Jinshanling Great Wall and the adjacent Simatai Great Wall are on the blade of the mountains. Located northeast of Beijing, they are among the few sections of the wall to retain the original features of the Ming dynasty Great Wall.  However, the Simatai Great wall is presently closed and is expected to remain closed for some time.

The Simatai and Jinshanling sections of the wall are in a more natural state than the sections closer to Beijing, but the climb is tougher.    The most popular of the Great Wall hikes is the one from Jinshanling to Simatai.  This entire hike is about 10 km. and would take roughly four hours, depending on your pace.  Many parts of the wall along these sections have not been restored in any way.  That gives you a more authentic experience but the trek is also more difficult. 

There is a cable car that takes you from the Jinshanling visitors' center nearly up to the wall, but it is not always in operation due to high winds.  There was also a zip line that wisked you accross the river as you approached the Simatai side or a hanging bridge if you prefer.  But, as mentioned above, the Simatai wall is closed, so these features are not currently accessable. 

There is another part of the great wall which is wild and more steep, it is Jiankou great wall. Search the google 'wild great wall trip' you can find detailed information about this section of great wall.