In Port Vila, there are many opportunities for day trips. Keep in mind that Port Vila is the capital city of an archipelago of 83 islands, so do the math and calculate the opportunities for enjoyment. Here are a few suggestions that you may consider. Leleka makes a wonderful day trip for snorkeling; Erakor Island is another sweet place accessed by a ferry (cost 100Vt but redeemable on the island for food and drink)and a 150vt bus ride from town.  Hideaway in Mele island has many attractive features that makes it perfect for a day trip: you can snorkel, go to the cascades fall (the local bus can take you there for a mere 150 Vt each way and there you can hire a guide for 1500 vatu (per adult), swim underwater to the submarine post office from where you can send a postcard home.If you enjoy snorkeling and small group personalised island tours then Sandy Beach Island Tour is the one - a magical trip to Pele Island with great food, white sandy beach and pristine coral reef and a friendly, knowledgable local guide.

An excellent trip is to have lunch at Tamanu on the Beach. Rachael, the resort manager, always has a smile and Matt, the executive chef, prepares meals that you would be hard pressed to find better quality at 2 and 3 chef hat restaurants. The staff are a delight and it is a special place to take thet special person. It is about 35 min from Port Vila and, depending on your negotiating skills, could cost between 1000Vt and 1500Vt per person each way. A must visit if you have the time! (

View from Restaurant

One of the island’s most popular day trips is the Coongoola. You board a boat that takes you to different beaches where you can snorkel. Lunch is provided. You can visit Iririki Island in the middle of Vila's harbour, one of the area’s most popular and expensive spots, accessible through a free ferry.   It's also worthwhile going on a tour around the island.  The local drivers know where all of the pot holes are, and you get to visit a local village (and contribute to their economic well-being).  The Vanuatu Tourism website ( lists the tour operators.

Enjoy the ocal experience of what its like to be a ni-van for a few hours and the one tour to try out is their night safari tour.. you wont regret.

But, you can also find interesting to get away from the shore and travel to the inland. The islands are of volcanic origin and  a good trip is to climb the volcanos many of which are still active such as Yasur on the island of Tanna - but an overnight stay is recommended.