Safety precautions to consider in Vanautu pertain crime issues, weather and getting around issues. While visiting Port Vila, keep in mind:

- Robbery seem to be a problem on the island, people have been robbed while alone or in groups. Don’t carry much cash and have your documents and credit cards Xeroxed in case they are stolen. If you are robbed, immediately reported to local authorities, specially if your passport was among the items taken, inform your embassy or Consulate. Sexual assault is not uncommon, so try to stay at night in the resort or carefully plan the night if you will be around town;

- Many people navigate boats without the appropriate certification and periodically accidents happen, if you are not capable, leave the riding to the experts;

- Vanautu is located in a region visited by cyclones. The season goes from November to April. Be aware of the cyclone alerts given by the local authorities. Some sites that you can check for the weather updates are: , , and .

- Also Vanutu is an area affected by earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Tsunamies are also expected. For updates, always check the website of the Tourism Office of Vanuatu at .

- One last issue: even though you will experience a beach laid back ambiance, there are certain rules concerning your clothing attire that you need to follow. A too provocative attire or behavior can be terribly offensive to locals. Don’t forget that you are in a foreign country that has its own rules that follow very ancient patterns still enforced.