Mele Cascades is located 10-15minutes drive out of the township area.

It is one of the unique attraction site found on the island of Efate.

Entrance Fee Prices:

2000vt (25AUD) per adult tourist

1000vt (15AUD) children under the age of 12years

Children 5years and under are FOC

Locals 1500vt per adult.

Take minimal gear - your bathers, towel, reef shoes as it can get slippery, and preferably a waterproof camera & be prepared to get wet. You'll have the opportunity to follow the pathway through the water and up to the falls, and even sit underneath the falls themselves, with the refreshing water falling on you. There's toilets/showers and picnic facilities also. Bar and Restaurant are located on site.

You can spend a whole day and have lunch at the site if you wish.

You can get there by local "bus",  or book any of the cascade tours on offer.

Buses are vans marked with a 'B' on their license plate -  just flag one down anywhere and say you want to go to the cascades. There are no set  routes.  Make sure you have Vatu to pay the driver.

eg of lower fallsmele cascades