Kiribati is most famous for its world class flyfishing, great scuba diving, and astounding seabird wildlife. There is currently only one airline with service to the most famous of the country's islands, Christmas Island (Kiritimati). To get there you will need to use Air Pacific and there is only one flight a week. The ticket price is a little high (as is with all Micronesian destinations), but the package prices for activities are quite reasonable. Since Kiribati is still very technologically primitive by American standards most lodges and tour operators on the island do not have their own websites, but instead rely on U.S. and foreign based travel agencies to book travel to Kiriabti for them. This makes prices expensive and travel to kiribati unattractive. Recomended is booking your trip directly with one of the many in-bound tour operators in Kiribati who do have their own website.  The localy based Christmas Island Divers Association, http://www.christmasislanddiversassoc... is one such site that is reccomended for information and great prices.

 As of 2nd September 2008 there are no longer any scheduled flights to Kiritimati. Air Pacific withdrew it's dservice due to safety concerns about the standard of the runway. The flight will not recommence (if at all) until the runway has been repaired.

Air Pacific do still fly twice weekly to Tarawa, the capital, from Fiji. Tarawa offers a more cultural, laid back expereince. While South Tarawa might be overcrowded and relatively unappealing, North Tarawa and some of the outer islands, offer the traditional island lifestyle and culture. Peaceful and uncrowded, the traditional villages are made up of the island pandanus / palm tree 'houses' (bwia) and the people live in extended families. Coconut harvesting, pandanus mat weaving and many other traditional activities can still be witnessed in these areas, along with the traditional, highly regarded Kiribati dance (on arrangement).