Damascus has some of the country’s finest museums including the National Museum, which is located in the old town. It is home to a variety of artifacts that date back to the Aramaic and Roman eras including sculptures, bronzes and potteries. It houses some of the largest collections in the Middle East with some of the oldest pieces. The museum is open daily, except for Tuesdays.

The Historical Museum of Epigraphy is housed in the Madrassa, which was built in 1421. This includes collections of manuscripts, and other printed works. The National Museum of the Arts and Popular Traditions is located in the former Azem Palace, which was built in 1749 for the Assaad Pasha al Azem, who was then governor of the city. It is includes numerous paintings and other contemporary art.

The city’s historic past can also e seen in the Historical and Army Museum, which chronicles the nearly 10,000 years of military history in the region, with arms and armor from the various powers that played a role in the development of the city from the ancient and classic era to the Middle Ages to the modern day. This includes swords, early firearms and countless uniforms, with an emphasis on the modern might of the Syrian armed forces.