Haifa has so many museums that by the time you see all of them, you could probably be a museum exhibit yourself! A sensible starting point is the Haifa Museum of Art , in Hadar Hacarmel, the city’s cultural district. This museum emphasizes archaeological art forms, such as ancient coins, and also has an extensive collection of modern Israeli art. Though this art museum has several thousand works, there is still more art to be found at the Chagall Artist’s House , a smaller gallery on Ha-Zionut Avenue.

Haifa also has an abundance of naval museums, which is not surprising considering the important role the sea has played in the city’s development. The National Maritime Museum in Hadar Hacarmel focuses on the history of shipbuilding and traces Jewish naval accomplishments from the very first boats all the way to the present day. The nearby Immigration and Naval Museum tells the story of early Jewish immigrants, many of whom arrived in Israel on ships.

It is equally unsurprising that Haifa has a number of technology museums – the Technion University (Israel Institute of Technology) of Haifa has made the city one of Israel’s technological leaders. The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space employs creative hands-on exhibits to explain a variety of scientific topics. Haifa’s Railway Museum , located at a working train station, covers the history of rail technology, and the Museum of Edible Oil Production has the distinction of being one of the world’s only institutions devoted to the history of cooking oil.