The International Dialing Code to access Turkish telephone numbers is 0090. However, as it is normal to remove the first 0 from a number after adding the International code, it's easier to regard Turkey's International Code as 009

Municipal areas have a 4 digit access code and each village within that area has it's own 3 digit code. There is a 4 digit code for each line. Hence, a Turkish telephone number for use within the country will appear as 0252 ( Fethiye Code) 618 (Kaya Koyu code) 1234 ( phone number ) .

Their are a huge number of public call boxes in Turkey and the majority work by insertion of a call card. These cards can be purchased at most small general shops, the post offices ( PTT ) and some supermarkets. You can also use metered telephones within post offices and pay at the completion of the call. 

Most mobile telephone numbers in Turkey can be recognised by their 05 prefix. Turkish SIM cards can be purchased cheaply at all mobile phone shops for use in mobile phones. In most phone shops in towns there is usually someone who's English is reasonably good and they will be able to help you. This is a much cheaper way of making calls within the country than using your own airtime supplier's roaming service.