Yerevan is a travelers dream city in terms of getting around.  Almost all visitors stay in the center, and almost everything you'll want to visit in Yerevan is under 20 minutes in walking distance from you.  Drivers and pedestrians alike ignore many traffic rules, so look three times before crossing streets, and ask for help finding places if you can't figure out where you are - people are very helpful.

On the chance that you need to go outside the center, or just don't feel like walking - taxis cost 600 drams ($2 minumum) - which will take you anywhere in the center (approx 5km), and an additional 100 drams (33 cents) for each additional kilometer. Calling a cab company (or grabbing any cab with a logo/phone number on the doors) usually ensures you won't have the driver try to rip you off, but if he tries, you can call the office and have them set him straight. Make sure that the taxi has a meter and he uses it - modern taxi firms such as Alex Taxi are good and use modern cars (Skoda). The City Tourist Office by Republic Square metro can pre-book taxis for travel inside and for half or full day excursions outside the city. They also have a special price for the airport.

Yerevan does have a metro, but very few actually use the one line that rarely takes you from where you are to where you want to go.  It is a nice, clean system though and very cheap, so jumping on it to go to Sasuntsi Davit metro, and getting out to check out the famous statue, and maybe explore a suburb a bit can be fun.  Or take it to the last stop in either direction (Barekamutyun or Garegin Njdeh) to see bustling squares and cheaper shopping, far from where most tourists ever venture. A single trip on the metro costs AMD50 payable on entry - buy a plastic token and use it to pass through the turnstiles.

Why not try the extensive network of trolleybuses, buses and minibuses as well. You pay for all of them when you leave giving cash to the driver - change is available. All types of transport have their own route numbers starting from 1 which can get quite confusing but the trolleybuses are easy to spot with their overhead wires. Trolleybuses cost AMD50 per ride and buses and minibuses cost AMD100. To get to the Erebuni museum get the trolleybus 2 from the Russian Market to the terminus - other routes that are operating are 1, 9, 10, 15. The buses are small buses and either yellow or light green and the minibuses are called Marshrutka and are chinese copies of Ford Transits usually white. There are no transfers or season tickets - you just pay two or more times. There is also no passenger information or route maps available apart from a listing of each route in Armenian. See but the listings are out of date!

To get a bus or minibus to the airport there is supposed to be a bus #201 that connects the airport with the crossroads of Sayat-Nova and Mashtots streets in Yerevan but this was not seen. Minibus #108 also connects the city center with the airport but is a rather grotty transit that is not suitable for luggage. Buses stop at the airport about 200 metres from the terminal by the car and taxi areas. Bus fares to the airport are AMD200 as they go outside the city limits. Taxis to/from the airport should be about AMD2000 as there is a fixed tariff but it is usual to pay AMD5000 - bargin and hold out.