Does Pattaya have it's share of girly bars - well yes! But there's a whole lot more to do in the evening if that sort of thing doesn't 'shake-your-tree'.  There are many nice air-conditioned restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisine, (Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, German, Seafood etc.) and that doesn't include the fabulous (though often comparatively pricey at between 650bht & 1100bht each) buffets served by the larger hotels. If you want to sit outside, there are also many nice restaurants - some with live bands or shows.
If you fancy something different you could go ten-pin bowling (3 centres), handgun shooting at Tiffanys (38's, 9mm's 45's), go to the cinema (110bht each), watch Muy Thai kickboxing, or go to one of the Transvestite shows which are spectacular 'showgirl' type extravaganzas.
There are far too many drinking holes to list, but they range from traditional american style bars, Irish pubs, English pubs, german style bars and thai beer bars. They all offer a different ambiance which allows you to have several different nights out in one.

Girly bars - an explanation.
If you have never experienced these, then here is a quick rundown. Yes, they all have girls dancing on podiums, and yes the girls are in a state of partial or complete undress, and yes most have 'shows' which can be a little racy to say the least. However, if you are going to Pattaya as a couple do not be afraid of them, they know how to treat couples. They will serve you your drink and look after you while you are there, but you will not be approached by the girls, and you will not be bothered by anyone. Although there are some pokey little 'dives', there are also some very nice establishments that are big, airy, have good music, and some of the shows are well choreographed. You can also often get good drinks deals in them with most offering draft beers for around 55bht. So, if you are reasonably broad minded; give them a go - you may be surprised. Some recomended ones for couples on walking street would be Superbaby for a nice atmosphere and Angelwitch for excellent shows which are erotic rather than graphic. The main thing to remember is that these are all behind closed doors, so if you don't want to see it - then just don't go in.

Endless nightlife is an understatement, the Pattayites love their drink, their music, their booty shakin' and their food...  Nightlife options:

  1. Beer Bars (they serve cocktails too)
  2. Dining (They got it all, how about an indulgent sushi dinner for about $10)
  3. Dance Clubs
  4. Billiard Parlors
  5. Muy Thai Boxing, free and in the open air plazas
  6. A major street closed to traffic that borders the ocean in South Pattaya
  7. Strip and Skill Bars, where the performers do some scary and crazy stuff with candle wax, body parts, darts...
  8. Temples ans stimulating non-alcohol options
  9. Gay Bars/Streets

... something for any and all tastes... the main thing is just to walk around and see it all. 

                       For more information, visit the Pattaya Nightlife page.