Safety is a major issue when traveling to Thailand. Many people are aware of the traveler's tales about imprisonment and these stories are enhanced by Hollywood movies and bestselling books. Although Ko Samui is a major tourist hotspot, knowing the law is extremely important for your stay abroad.

The U.S. government lists Thailand as a country at risk for terrorism and strongly suggests taking caution during a stay there. Special concern should be given in the Southern areas of Thailand along with the border with Burma; travel to these areas is not promoted, therefore execute caution when planning your arrival path to Ko Samui.

Laws in Thailand are strictly enforced and foreigners must abide accordingly or they are subject to an arrest and even imprisonment. Bars and nightclubs are occasionally targeted by Thai police, therefore travelers must be sure to follow the law at all times; laws concerning illegal drugs are particularly strict and proximity to paraphernalia must be avoided.

As all destinations, petty crime exists on a regular basis in Ko Samui. Be sure to protect your passport and valuables securely at all times.

Another safety concern comes with weather conditions and ocean currents. Thailand and Ko Samui can on ocasion to have torrential rain and has the odd flood or two ,however the samui infrastructure is improving weekly to cope with adverse weather . Always check official weather information before a Thai excursion and rigorously follow lifeguard information as to the ocean's undercurrents during your time of stay. Yellow flags signal dangerous waters, while a green flag signals safe and calm waters.

Please check with your national embassy or the U.S. government website's guide to safety in Thailand when planning for your visit.