The best method of arrival in to Khartoum is travel directly to the Khartoum International Airport .  This is because much of the Sudanese region is considered to be highly dangerous due to terrorism and warfare in the area and it is strongly advised that visitors spending time in the Khartoum area be sure to avoid this trouble by not leaving the capital city.  For more information about safety in the area, visitors should see the information provided at and they should follow the link provided on that page for update information during the planning stages of their trips.

Visitors should also stay updated on changes and developments regarding air travel to the area, as the main international airport in Khartoum is actually being replaced soon by an international airport located in the nearby city of Omdurman , one of the other areas in the region which is considered safe for travel.

That said, travelers can fly to Khartoum from major cities all throughout the world.  There are no direct flights from North America so travelers from there will most likely transfer flights in a city such as Paris .

Travelers who opt not to travel to the area by plane may also use ferry boat to reach the area.   The Nile can be crossed by ferry; it will drop travelers off near the Friendship Palace Hotel in the city.

 When departing from the international airport there is a departure tax of US$ 20 which should be paid before you check in for your flight.