Looking for resources to help you plan your trip to Antananarivo and the rest of Madagascar ? Not to worry – there are plenty of resources available to help you put together your ideal trip to Africa .

Madagascar Guide -- this website provides a plethora of information about travel to and within Madagascar . Travel options, accommodation options, and what to do whilst in the country all feature on this site.

Africa Guide -- this website provides general and tourism-related information about the countries that make up Africa, including Madagascar. The Madagascar page has links to practical information on getting around, climate, visa and passport requirements, type of electricity, and money. There is also a link to a listing of tour and safari options in the country as well.  

Mad Online -- this online news source provides general news information from the island of Madagascar , along with a few links to information related to tourism.

There are also several print resources to help you plan your trip to Madagascar. A few books to look for include  Lonely Planet and Michelin guidebooks and the Bradt Guide to Madagascar, by Hilary Bradt.