Passport and Visa Requirements for entry into South Africa

Visit the Department of Home Affairs for updated visa and passport related requirements for entry into South Africa. 

As of August 2013, it seems that passports must be valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of your intended visit and your passport must have at least one unused page for entry / departure endorsements. For additional information, visit the US Department of State or Gov.UK web pages on South Africa visa requirements.  The Africa Info website also has updated information on South visa requirements.   


All the above is now out of date as the Changes proposed in 2007 and implemented in 2014 have now since August 2015 been implemented.

In a nutshell the Deparetment of Home Affairs no longer deal with Applications for Visas - This responsibilty has been handed over to VFS Global - a Kuoni subsidiary who carry out the validation, interviews and vetting on behalf of the DoHA.

Here is their web site in South Africa -

VFS Global have offices around the globe so look see if you have a local office. They have a number of offices in the UK for instance.


So now we know who is handling the processing it is important that you read below some very important information which relates to people coming to SA on Holiday for more than 90 days.

 Assuming you are coming from a country that enables you to get into South Africa without having to pre-apply for a Visa then you will be granted a Port of Entry Visa which is valid for 90 days when you come through a SA border pos or airport.

You should immediately contact your nearest  VFS Global Office and log on to their Visa System - see link above - and fill in their on-line form, make payment and then make an appointment so that your 'EXTENSION' of your port of entry visa can be processed. This application MUST be done within 30 days of arrival as you have to allow 60 days for the extension visa to be processed.