Oahu is an island, so the only two ways to get to the area are via plane or via boat.  Plane is the most common route, although cruise ships traveling to Hawaii are a popular alternative.  Cruise ship information can be found online or through a local travel agent.

The airport serving Oahu is the Honolulu International Airport ( http://hawaii.gov/hnl).  The airport is located southwest of Honolulu, on the southern shoreline of Oahu.

Popular airlines which fly to the Honolulu International Airport include:

Upon arriving at Honolulu International Airport, travelers can choose to reach their hotel destination by bus, shuttle, car rental or taxi.  Rental car is probably the most common method by which visitors leave the airport, with nearly all major rental companies having offices at the airport. Taxis are also commonly used by visitors who can expect to pay approximately $25 for a ride from the airport to downtown Honolulu. The bus system in Oahu is called TheBus.  Two bus lines, with three airport bus stops between them, run from the airport to Honolulu and Waikiki and operate from as early as five in the morning until as late as midnight.  The airport shuttle is called Waikiki Express.  It runs twenty four hours per day year round costs $8 for a trip from the airport to Waikiki.