The only type of public transportation that really exists on the island is the Expedition ferry service between Maui and Lana'i. There are some bus and shuttle service options that can meet you at the docks, but there is no uniform and complex bus system that you would expect to see in a large city. Lana'i is one of the smallest islands in the Hawaiian Island chain, and until recently it was used mostly as a pineapple plantation by the Dole Company. In the past few years, however, its beauty has been discovered and resorts and hotels have started to pop up on the island. Because of this, the island never had to deal with enough tourists to need a public transportation system. Today, you can see the beginnings of an organized system of transportation being formed, but nothing on a large scale like that in a city. If you need transportation while you are on the island, you can arrange something with the hotel or resort you are staying at, or you can rent a car. The island is small enough so that if you really needed to get from one end to another you could do so in a few hours by car.