In general, traveling to Honduras is safe but precautions should be made here. When remaining in the touristy, resort-filled areas., the major worry remains pick-pocketing and theft. Prepare for this by having wallets, passports, and anything of importance hidden and out of reach. Purses are best when zipped up and strapped across shoulders, fanny packs positioned in the front rather than back of one's body. Under-clothing passport pocket carriers are an ideal way to keep your passport with you, although it is not necessary. Locking it up in a hotel or hiding it within your bags should suffice. Traveler's insurance can be a smart consideration, especially if you are planning rigorous physical activity, including swimming during your trip abroad.

You will most likely see beggars in Tegucigalpa, unfortunately alcoholism with the homeless is a problem; for safety reasons, it is best not to interact with beggars.

If you happen to rent a car, do not be surprised if the police are doing "check-ups". In this case all cars passing the particular roadway are forced to stop for an identity check and possibly a car search.

Crime should always be reported to not only local authorities and your hote/tour group, but to your national embassy as well. The American Embassy in is located at Avenida la Paz.