Aurora is a place which people tend to visit because they want to explore the outdoors.   As such, travelers frequently wear themselves out during their daytime adventures in the area and are not usually looking for a crazy wild party at the end of the night.   However, many people do look to wind down with a drink at the end of the day and a few travelers are interested in something a bit more active.   Aurora travelers should remember that Denver is located less than ten miles away and it offers a range of exciting nightlife for travelers in the area.   Those travelers looking to stay in Aurora itself can choose from a number of nightlife places; learn more at .

One of the most popular spots in the area is the Stampede Mesquite Grill and Dance Emporium ( ).  Travelers can go here to get some dinner from the open-air mesquite grill and can continue the night with some old fashioned dancing.

As far as neighborhoods go, downtown Denver is the place to head for the really active nightlife.   See for specific venue location.   Generally speaking, this is the area where visitors can go for bar hopping, strip clubs and late night dancing.