Flight simulation center that gives civilians the opportunity to pilot fighter jets in actual cockpit simulators and a Boeing 737 flight simulator.  Experience the challenge of aerial maneuvers at 500 knots, aircraft take-offs and landings and the excitement of air-to-air combat. Up to ten people can fly at the same time, each in their own authentic F-16 flight simulator! There is also the "Officer's Club", an observation area where guests can view and listen to all of the action on large LCD monitors, where they will see what each pilot is seeing during their flight (pilots are looking at a 10ft by 13ft screen) and guests will also hear the interaction between the pilots and the ATC crew (air traffic control).

Flightdeck offers 45 minute air combat flights and 30, 60 & 90 minute Boeing 737 flights.. Advanced reservations are required. Call (714) 937-1511 today to book your flights. You can also purchase gift vouchers on the web site.