Everyone who has been to Budapest already come here for several reasons: business meeting, studying, relativies visiting or to celebrate their marrige, to have a special hen party or barchelor party, or memorable place for the engagement.  

In this article you can find some tips where to spend a romantic or a special day/night:

Places to go with Restaurants:

  • Buda Castle: the best way to go up to the castle is with funicular, admire the view of the city from the Halászbástya Restaurant
  • Kopaszi Gát ("Kopaszi Dam")  - its hard to choose from the several cafe-s and pubs, try some out and admire the view of the river Danube, for example the Fruska. The restaurant has it is own personality, it charm and chic. Home-made picnic snacks are served wih pleasure. 
  • Margaret Island - go on a long walk, drink a coffee or a cup of the in one of the several nice and cosy places. One of them is the Margaret Terrace Restaurant.
  • János hegy - it good for a romatic picnic, well, not in winter, but if you would like to go in winter season, try out the Panoráma Sétány Restaurant's delicious meals.
  • Feneketlen tó ("Bottomless lake") - go around then rest in the Hemingway restaurant, have a lunch or dinner there.
Other recommended restaurants/bars with true romantic atmosphere:
  • Zeller Bistro - situated at the Izabella Street, enough far from the main streets to feel the romantic mood of this tiny but cosy place.
  • Mezzo -  you can find this cosy place in the Castle district, here you can find jazz music, international meals combined with a 1930' century style.
  • "M" restaurant - situated in the VII. district, Budapest, Kertész Street 48.,  the restaurant itself has a vibrant, elegant and old-fashioned style, but for couples it's perfect to have a little hide-away, they also organise special Valentine's Day menu.
  • Robinson restaurant - near the Hereo's Square, close to City Park's Icering. At an affordable price you can have a romantic dinner or just a drink admiring the beautiful view of the City Park with lake (or the Icering). At the second floor it has a new modern open kitchen.
  • Gerlóczy Kávéház ("kávéház" means cafehouse in English)  - the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in Paris, the decoration, the salon music everything. This is the only cafe with rooms, yes, you read well: a cafe with rooms. What does it exactly means? find it out yourself when you are here. 
Recommended Valentine's Day programs with dining possibility: